The management of all Health and Safety, Quality and Food Safety, Environmental activities, Security and policies at Kilombero Sugar Company Limited is underpinned by the Illovo’s Integrated Risk Management Systems (IIRMS) the foundation that was developed and centralised as a single repository of SHERQ to ensure the standards, policies and guidelines to which the business conforms, are unified under a single platform that conforms to ISO requirements to guide and measure compliance.
There are three imperatives for adopting a SHERQ management system for business – these are ethical, legal and financial.

  • Ethical: There is an implied moral obligation placed on an employer (Kilombero Sugar Company Limited) to ensure that work activities and the places of work are safe for all employees, visitors, and contractors. KSCL is also required to ensure that no harm comes to the environment while growing cane thus produces safe products.
  • Legislative: There are legislative requirements defined in just about every jurisdiction on how a safe work environment is to be achieved. If the Company do not achieve the minimum legislative requirements, the Company will be non-compliant and governing bodies can close the business down.
  • Financial: KSCL has also adopted effective safety management (SHERQ Management system) as a means to prevent loss and preserve profit by reducing direct and indirect costs associated with accidents and incidents. When our processes, practices, people, and environment are safe, we can focus on making the best quality sugar and sugar related products for our customers.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Safety is a team effort. This means zero harm to people, products and the environment. The zero-harm culture is ultimately promoted in order to protect, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, surrounding communities, and the environment in the country.

KSCL safety slogan is SAFETY FIRST meaning safety of people is the first priority.


All visitors, contractors and stakeholders at Kilombero Sugar Company Limited are required to adhere to all Company SHERQ procedures and standards:

In both factory complexes it is the mandatory to wear

  • Hard hats
  • Totally enclosed shoes
  • High visibility jackets in the cane offloading/designated areas
  • Hearing protection in designated areas
  • Within the factory complex 20 km/hr
  • Residential and office complexes 30 km/hr
  • All Company and estate roads
  • Passenger and load carrying vehicles in excess of 3,000kgs: 40km/hr
  • Light motor vehicles and motor cycles: 60km/h

Note that when driving on the Estate roads you must yield and hoot at all blind intersections. Cane haulage vehicles have right of way at all times.

In the event that you are at Kilombero to perform physical work or to work within the factory or agricultural environments you may not start work until you have undergone a SHERQ Induction Programme.