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Kilombero sugar company limited has its main office at Kidatu at the foot of Udzungwa Mountains which are among of the Eastern Arc Mountains that extend on North Western side of the estate towards Iringa Region. The Udzungwa Mountains which are also catchment forests contribute greatly to the flows of the Great Ruaha that cut across the estate and hence the name Kilombero wetland which is also a Ramsar site. The location is a biodiversity hotspot, a home of various endemic species including mammals such as the Udzungwa (Iringa) Red Colobus Monkey and the Sanje Crested Mangabey; birds like the Rufous Winged Sunbird and the Udzungwa Partridge to reptiles like the Pygmy Bearded Chameleon. The high numbers of endemic species should be no cause for surprise, given the age and isolation of the environment, and the biological richness of the forests.

In terms of hydrology, KSCL is strategically located in terms of water resources as it is just downstream of the two Major Hydroelectric Power Plants of Mtera and Kidatu. Thus, capitalizes the regulated flows throughout the year from these two major hydropower plants for sugarcane irrigation. The project borders the Selous Game Reserve on Southern part and Udzungwa Mountains National Park after the village settlement stretch on western side of the estate. In other areas the project borders a number of villages that also cultivate sugar cane with growers famously known as the Kilombero growers. Further on North Eastern side of the estate, after the villages is the Mikumi National Park. Downstream after leaving the estate (the Kilombero plains) the river flows through the Selous Game Reserve before joining the Rufiji River.

Being fully aware of the sensitivity of the site’s location, the company’s management endeavors to safeguard the ecosystem during the implementation of the various operations from land preparation to sugar manufacturing and ethanol production. All the areas where rare species have been identified to inhabit are mapped for conservation accordingly. Also, admist the vast estate owned by Kilombero Sugar Company limited, forest patches are preserved to allow the various species of wild animals to roam and rest. The forests found within the company land have all been measured and categorized as either commercial or conserved forests.

In Commercial forests, one is allowed to collect dry firewood from upon completion of a request- permission process and also provides a source for firewood used to fire the boilers of the two sugar factories namely Msolwa (K1) and Ruembe (2) especially during startup. However, some forests are conserved were any form of harvesting or collecting firewood is strictly prohibited. All these forests are mapped and monitored closely to ensure their proper management.