Economic sustainability

KSCL is one of the major contributors to the economy of the surrounding community and Tanzanian at large.

KSCL prides itself in owning the largest sugarcane crop estate in Tanzania covering 26,000 hectares; 10,000ha and  approximately 16,000ha  from  the  Kilombero  Growers. Following major transformations implemented in 1998, we  have  increased  sugar production from 29,500 tons on average per annum to 126,000.

The Company’s supply chain includes approximately 8,000 small holder farmers supplying about 600,000 tonnes of sugar cane every year which is around 45 percent of its sugar cane supply to the mill with the remaining 55 percent coming from the company's own land.



Tonnes of sugar produced annually

Over 200

Businesses registered in Kilombero valley supply chain

After commissioning of the new mill-K4, KSCL expects the number of growers to double to 16,000 and an increase in cane supply, from the current 600,000 tonnes to 1,500,000 tonnes.

The new factory will increase the company’s sugar production by 144,000 tons from current levels of around 126,000 tons of sugar per annum, to 271,000 tons

KSCL creates job opportunities to up to 4,440 people each season, of which 2027 as a result of direct employment and about 2000 as a result of indirect employment through the appointed sugar selling customers around the country.

Efforts are geared towards identifying gaps and ways to support the growers to ensure a sustainable cane supply now, and particularly in the upcoming expansion project.

Some of the key grower challenges that KSCL works to address include the cost and procurement of farming inputs, the impact of climate change, access to financing, poor infrastructure, and lack of business acumen in some of the growers. KSCL is spearheading efforts to link the growers with respective institutions that can address these gaps.

KSCL estate has attracted many other businesses in the area such as transportation services, hotels, banks and shops which indirectly helps in employment opportunities in the community, further impact is expected with the upcoming expansion project.

KSCL also invests in local schools, hospitals, housing which impacts about 9000 lives and 20,000 people who live within the surrounding community.

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